Mistress Una

Mistress Una NYC Asian Femdom

Life is always better when you're under my feet

Mmm, I know you’ve always had a thing for tall, slender, and dominant women with piercing eyes.
As soon as I step into a room, heads turn, all eyes are on me. My confidence and dominant presence command your full attention, but my expectations are high…
I am Mistress Una, and I expect nothing but the best from those who serve me. If you are willing to submit to my will and follow my lead, then I will accept nothing less than your full devotion and attention. 

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We have always had an incredible time in our sessions with Mistress Una. In our first session, she immediately made us feel comfortable and has taught us so much. She is very creative and is an expert in a range of types
of sessions: sissy maid play, classic mistress slave, full latex, etc. 
We look forward to our next session and highly recommend her for couples or singles.
Mistress M. and Pippa

Thank you Mistress for helping me explore a part of myself that I keep hidden away. I really look forward to our sessions together, and it helps me a lot as a person. I live a pretty normal life, and being with you helps me let out a lot of feelings I hide away. I hope you enjoy your time with me as well and if there’s anything I can do to make a more fun experience or be a better sub.


If you are into being overpowered by a tall gorgeous women with endless long legs you can’t miss Mistress Una!
I had heard about Mistress for a long time and I finally flew to see her in NY last July. I’m not gonna lie I had one of the best sessions in my life. Mistress Una is strict, but very playful and passionate about her work, but most importantly she is so real…


Dear Mistress Una, thank you for your time and for setting up a very enjoyable session. It is clear that you have a craft for what you do and put in strong consideration to curate a session to progress in a certain direction. I enjoyed this and hope it was mutual. I also hope to session again with you at some point during future trips to NY.


Mistress Una knows how to send me into subspace. She is a natural at her craft and has honed her reads into a strong skill set of domination, role play, and impact play. Her presence is intimidating and I am lucky to be her dog. Her features, long legs and delicate feet intoxicate my senses, and her cold, assertive soft voice control my behaviors. I am always under her command.


Una is perfect. She is more beautiful in person than in her pictures, her body is to cry for. She’s very generous with her time and energy, and is a highly skilled, intuitive Dominatrix. She knows how to use her God given feminine assets, and skills to bring any sub instantly into a trance. She quickly understood my fetishes and desires and used them against me to completely melt my brains. I can still hear her whispers into my ear, and can’t get images of her literally perfect legs out of my head. I have not been able to stop thinking about her since our first session and now just spend my time counting down the minutes until her next visit to Los Angeles.

Sub X.